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History and Mission
Nowadays we live in a rapidly changing world. As any other science, psychology must be able to re-spond to these changes. In those countries where psychotherapy has many years history of develop-ment, this is ensured by continuous serious re-search in clinical centers and institutes. In the train-ing for mental health professionals, great im-portance is attached to the theoretical, practical and ethical aspects of working in mental health field.

International Psychotherapy School developed out of close and long-term working connections with world-class specialist in the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis and other profes-sional organizations and communitites. Our main goal is to expand the number of professional oppor-tunities and competences for mental health practi-tioners and psychologists in training by introducing them to the most advanced and interesting psycho-therapy schools and approaches.

We have been collaborating with the best mental health practitioners from the US, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, Argentina and other coun-tries. Most of our programs are unique and have no counterparts in Russia.
Our Strengths
Developing the programs we try to keep up to date while paying tribute to the serious academic ap-proach.
Leading Faculty
Best international practising psychologist teach in our programs
Our Programs are Online
Improve your knowledge and skills at any time and place that suits you best
Comprehensive Programs
Our Programs cover broad range of topics in the studied field
Our Programs are practise-oriented
You can apply all freshly received knowledge and skills in real work in the world
Life is struggle and striving, development and growth — and analysis is one of the means that can help in this process. Certainly its positive accom-plishments are important, but also the striving itself itself is of intrinsic value. As Goethe has said in Faust: Whoe'er aspires unwear, Is not beyond redeeming.

Karen Horney, «Self-Analysis»
Our Faculty
Our teachers are cutting-edge Western psychother-apy practitioners and researchers, Doctors of Medi-cine and Philosophy, authors of world's best-selling books on psychology that enjoy international recog-nition
David Scharff (Washington DC, US)
Doctor of Medicine, the Head of «Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Psychotherapy» Program
Board Director of the International Psychotherapy Institute (US), Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University, the Head of the IPA Couple and Family Psychoanalysis Committee, he authored more than 25 books on individual, couple and family Object Relations Therapy.
Jill Savage Scharff (Washington DC, US)
Doctor of Medicine, the leading teacher of «Psy-choanalytic Couple and Family Psychotherapy» Program
Child and adult psychoanalyst, couple and family therapist, Board Member of the International Psy-chotherapy Institute (US), she authored and co-au-thored a number of books on individual, couple and family Object Relations Therapy, she is also an in-ternationally recognized expert in online psychoa-nalysis
Janine Wanlass (Salt Lake City, US)
Doctor of Philosophy, the Chair of «Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Psychotherapy» Program
Professor, adult, child, couple and family therapist, Director of the International Psychotherapy Institute (US). Psychology Teacher (ex-head of Psychology Department) in Westminster college (Salt Lake City, Utah, US)
Suzi Kagan (Izrael)
The author of the International workshop on Child Play Therapy
Founder and President of Play Therapy Association of Israel, leading Israeli psychotherapist
Luis Chiozza (Argentina)
The Head of the «Psychosomatology» Program
One of the world's most recognized authorities in the field of Psychosomatics. The Founder of the Center of Psychoanalytic Studies and Psychoso-matic Medicine (Centro de Investigación en Psicoa-nálisis y Medicina Psicosomática), Director of the Center of Clinical Medicine of Weizsaecker (Centro Weizsaecker de Consulta Medica), Director of Luis Chiozza Institute of Training and Studies (Instituto de Docencia e Investigación de la Fundación Luis Chiozza), the author of 30 books on psychoanalysis.
Oxana Nikitina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Practicing Psychoanalyst, Professor of the «Psycho-somatology» Program
Member of Argentine Psychoanalytic Association and Psychoanalytic Institute Angel Garm and Pro-fessor at the Argentine Psychonalysis School that she founded in 2013. She has lived and worked in Buenos Aires since 2005. She specializes in work-ing with patients with psychosomatic disorders. To-gether with Luis Chiozza, Oxana authored a book «Why there? Why now? Conversations about psy-chosomatology» (¿Por qué allí?¿Por qué ahora? Conversaciones sobre psicosomatología) that will be published soon.
Feedback from Students
This Program has surpassed my expectations. In this seminar I discovered unique and effective method of working with children that I am going to implement in my clinical practice. The very structure of the Program is designed in an utterly thoughtful way, the material is presented in a consistent way with practical working through in the group that with-out any doubt facilitates mastering the method. Pro-gram teachers present theoretical material and am-ply illustrate it with clinical examples. I admire Tati-ana and Elena and their wonderful work!
Karina Farsyan
Feedback on «Child-Centered Play Therapy» Program
Meeting Suzy Kagan was a very useful and inspiring event for me. Her lectures are full of live, energetic and very deep. I liked the practical segment, Suzy shared many video clips and techniques for greater awareness that allowed us to have first-hand experi-ence of the presented concepts. This module made me understand once again that it is the very psycho-therapy approach that I want to devote myself to — I feel that my place is here. Now I love play therapy even more!!!
Anna Mogilnyikova
Feedback on Suzi Kagan's Play Therapy Seminar
Our course included training seminar «Healing power of play» conducted by Suzi Kagan (Israel) which was amazingly interesting and helpful from the practical viewpoint. Suzy taught us the art of child-centered play therapy and made it very availa-ble via clinical examples and video clips of her rec-orded sessions. Suzy is a true professional of her craft. I would like her to visit us more often and share her experience with us.
Olga Potemkina
Feedback on Suzi Kagan's Play Therapy Semina
It is one of my favourite courses. I am so grateful for all the knowledge I received. It is sad to say good-bye. I am grateful to David, Janine, Tatiana, Kon-stantin and all the teachers that were covering the topics from the Syllabus. Special appreciation goes to the translator Yulia Motalova
Inna Davydova
Feedback on «Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Psychotherapy» Program
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